Thursday, November 27, 2008

Contributions to the Corporate life of the School / Sports

Term 1

Kapahaka with Pukekohe High School

Term 2

Player of the in Coca Cola Netball
Website Tutorials
Science Fair- Post

Term 3

Zone and Inter-Zone Netball
Celebrations of the Arts

Term 4

Zone Touch
Talent Show-Hula

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Help save the Maui's Dolphin

Our class have been studying about the Maui's Dolphin and how we could help save the Maui's Dolphin.

The most significant threat to the Maui's Dolphin is from set net fishing. When Maui's Dolphin swim into the nylon nets (without knowing) they will get trapped and wouldn't be able to swim backwards. Boats speeding throw large ponds where the Maui's Dolphin could hit and kill the Maui's Dolphin without knowing.

We need to take action for the Maui's Dolphin now!

1. We should ban set nets in West Coast harbour where the Maui's Dolphin are, known.

2. Not speeding near the Maui's Dolphin.

3. Taking all plastic rubbish to shore for safe disposal.


"Ready to compete"

Maui's Dolphin

Our classroom have been working on the Maui's Dolphin.
The Maui's Dolphin are found at the West coast of the North island in New Zealand. Maui's Dolphin are seen between Dargaville and New Plymouth. They are often seen in the water 20 metres deep. When Maui's Dolphin have their feed they dive under water to feed on small fish and squid. While they having their feed they usually stay under water for 90 second. Maui's use their soundwares to help them find their food. Maui's calve are usually born in spring or summer. Maui's Dolphin belong to a large group of dolphins called the Delphinidae family. There are around 34 different types of species in the family.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Digital Classroom

I am in a digital class.
In our classroom we have 16 computers. Every day we share the computers with a buddy. We use computers for publishing work. On our class computers we have learnt all about using Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and lots more. So far we have learnt to use Microsoft Office, Apple Works, i-Works, i-Programmes and Google. On the internet we go on cool sites that are appropriate. The sites we have been on are school sites and educational sites and other cool sites. We have just found out that next year we will be attending flat screen computers. Other classroom only have around 1-4 computers.