Monday, July 20, 2009

Science Fair

Me and Brooke worked together as buddies on our science board. We decided to do our topic on fingerprints. We had less then a week to finish our science. We worked very hard on our science and it turned out great. We have found that there are nine different types of fingerprints. We also found that fingerprints are mostly used for identification of crime.

Science Fair Roadshow

On Monday 20th July, Room 23 attended the science fair roadshow in hall.
The main topics we were learning about were Planet Earth (matter energy and life) and Sound Out Waves (the science of sound).

The science roadshow taught us about sound waves, volume, and pitch. They some sounds which tells us which is the the low pitch and which is the high pitch.
We also learnt that living things of stuff are part of the Web Of Life. We also learnt the scientific word for stuff is matter.

Science Fair Assessment

On Monday 29th June, Week 10 of Term 2, Brooke and I worked together as partner on our Science Fair Project. We chose to do our project on fingerprints. On Monday 20th July, Brooke and I received our Science Fair Assessment sheet. Our overall score was 70/100. This is a screen capture of our finished science fair assessment sheet.