Sunday, June 28, 2009


Week 1, Term 2 Pukekohe Intermediate School held a Tapuae competition.Mrs Hancook from Room 45 was the teacher that was organizing the Tapuae competition. Every teams were entered as buddy classes for the competition, and a maximum of 16 team players were able to take the court at once. Our buddy class was Room 36. Lupe Soapi from Room 23, and Abi Chapman from Room 36 were our team captains. We have been winning since our first Tapuae game. We had a game with Room 13 and Room 45 and we won, which took us into the Semi-finals. Our first semi-final game was on Tuesday 16th on June and we versed the same 2 classes. We had a really tough game in the rain, but even though we had to put up with that, Our class Room 23 and our buddy class Room 36 still came out with a win. Then it came to the finals we versed Room 3, it was a tough and a hard game but we won. On the 25th of June, at the assembly winning buddy class was Room 23 and Room 36. We had alot of fun playing Tapuae and I would like to thank Mrs Hancook for this.

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